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I have been struggling with my ONLINE businesses for years, so I've looked at every angle, loads of biz opps and hundreds of possibilities. AT LAST I am getting my act together and settling on specific strategies and tested techniques to make business work for me. I am inviting you to join me on my journey to success, so I've set up Business Express Coaching to enable you to bypass the mistakes I have made, and start making money online from GENUINE business opportunities.

There are three things that an ONLINE business needs.

1.An Autoresponder. That well known phrase and saying is true: "The money is in the list." Online business, in fact ANY business can only thrive and grow by building genuine relationships with people that want to buy your products and services. An autoresponder service enables you to capture opt-in leads who then become your client base. I thoroughly recommend Get Response for this. It's not just an AR - you can create Landing Pages, Marketing Funnels, Newsletters and a host of other resources to grow your business. Click the link below for a FREE trial.

2.A Landing Page. Don't let THEM tell you otherwise! If you just want to go for every "GET RICH QUICK" scheme that comes your way, then I wish you well! You and I both know, they don't work! You spend hours trying to implement "done for you" money making opps only to find that another year has passed and you haven't made a dime! TRUST ME. If you don't want to go for a full website, then a LANDING PAGE is vital to give you and your business an online presence. I use OPTIMIZE PRESS for most of my websites. I've tried them all, this one is the best.

3. Something To Sell! So you have a great LANDING PAGE and you are capturing email addresses by GIVING SOMETHING OF VALUE AWAY FOR FREE, but then you need to point your new prospects to your product or service, and do it in a way that attracts them to buy! More information and ideas on this on my website.

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